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Jadaulia (जाडौलिया)[1]Jaraulia (जारोलिया])[2] Judi (जूदी) is gotra of Jats.


It originated from person named Judi (जूदी), descendant of Madras. [3]


Dr Pema Ram writes that after the invasion of Alexander in 326 BC, the Jats of Sindh and Punjab migrated to Rajasthan. They built tanks, wells and Bawadis near their habitations. The tribes migrated were: Shivis, Yaudheyas, Malavas, Madras etc. The Shivi tribe which came from Ravi and Beas Rivers founded towns like Sheo, Sojat, Siwana, Shergarh, Shivganj etc. This area was adjoining to Sindh and mainly inhabited by Jats. The descendants of Madras in Rajasthan are: Jinja, Bana, Thoria, Lagman, Kamodia, Madal, Devsalya, Junawa, Maderna, Judi, Madrewa, Khokh, Asihag etc. [4]

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