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Kabulistan (Pashto/Persian: کابلستان‎‎) is a historical regional name referring to the territory that is centered on present-day Kabul Province of Afghanistan. It included the land as far as Peshawar. South of Kabulistan was the region of Afghanistan and to the northwest, was Khorasan.

Note - Kabulistan should not be confused with Zabulistan (Persian/Pashto: زابلستان), which is a historical region based around today's Zabul Province in southern Afghanistan.

The earliest rulers of Kabulistan were the Kabul Shahis, who ruled the region between 565 and 879 AD. Kabul Shahis had built a defensive wall around the city of Kabul to protect it against invaders, but despite that, they were conquered by the Saffarids of Zaranj. The remains of these walls are still visible over the mountains which are located inside Kabul city.

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