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Kachi or Kachhi is a District, located in centre of Balochistan province of Pakistan.

Kachh Gandava or Kachh-Gandava or Kach Gandava, or Kachi is a low-lying flat region in Balochistan, Pakistan separating the Bugti hills from those of Kalat.

Jat clans

Kachhi District

Kachhi District is located in centre of Balochistan province of Pakistan. The Bolan area remained under one district Kacchi until 31 December 1991. Kachhi district was formerly known as Bolan District and was renamed in 2008 by the Provincial Government of Balochistan.


The Kachhi Plains are the home of Mehrgarh civilization. one of the most important Neolithic (7000 BC to c. 2500 BC) sites in archaeology, lies on what is now the "Kachhi plain" of today's Balochistan, Pakistan. It is one of the earliest sites with evidence of farming (wheat and barley) and herding (cattle, sheep and goats) in South Asia.".[1]

Until the end of the 15th century the district had been a dependency of Sindh[2] Around 1500 it was taken by Shah Beg of the Arghun Dynasty from Samma Dynasty of Sultan Of Sindh.[3] the territory was conquered by the Kalhoras Amirs of Sindh,[4][5] they were displaced by the Nadir Shah of Persia and he made it the part of Kalat Khanate in 1740.[6][7] Kachhi was notified as a district on February 1965. At that time Naseerabad, Jhal Magsi and Jafarabad districts were included, these were separated in 1987. It is driven, like a wedge, into the frontier mountain system and extends for 150 miles from Jacobabad to Sibi, with nearly as great a breadth at its base on the Sindh frontier.

Soon the territory was conquered by the Kalhoras Amirs of Sindh,[8][9] they were displaced by the Nadir Shah of Persia and made it the part of Kalat Khanate in 1740.[10]


Subodh Kapoor [11] mentions that Maghazzi is one of three great tribes of Baluchistan, the other two being the Nahrui and Kind. Jell and Shadia are the chief towns of Maghazzi, who have been located for long time in Kachi. They are divided into four principal clans, of which the Bhutani is the more illustrious and furnishes the Sirdar of the whole. The Maghazzi and the Rind are alike addicted to the abuse of ardent spirits bhang and opium. Their clans are the Abra, Birdi, Isobani, Jakra, Jakrani, Jatki, Kakrani, Kalandarani, Lashari, Maghzi, Mntaiki, Musani, Nari, Turbandzai and Unar.

Maghazzi also knows as Magzi or Magsi. Maghazzi is a Baloch tribe, and Baloch are also mentioned as Jat clan. So, Birdi is showing as a clan of Maghazzi in this book so Birdi are also be called as Jats as branch of Maghazzi.

The soil

The soil is fertile wherever it can be irrigated by the floods brought down from the surrounding hills; but much of the central portion is sandy waste. It is traversed by the North-Western railway. The climate is unhealthy in summer, when pestilential hot winds are sometimes destructive to life.

Administrative divisions

The district is administratively subdivided into the following tehsils:

The Union councils of Kachhi District are: Bashkya, Chalgari, Chander, Dhadar, Gazai, Jalal Khan, Machh, Masso, Mehram, Mithri, Noushera, Sanni,

The people


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