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Kadi Pur (कादीपुर) (also spelt as Kadipur) is a village in north Delhi. The nearby village is Nangli Poona.

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Photograph (10.1.1915) of Haveli of Ch. Tek Chand Rana, who was Zaildar of Kadipur at the adoption ceremony of Maha Singh by Ch.Tek Chand. The Ceremony is joined by many prominent Jat nobles of Delhi region. The Zaildar of Khadipur Zail belonged to Jattrana clan of Jats.

Zail - Kadipur

Dynasty- Jattrana

Source - Jat Kshatriya Culture

Notable Person from village

  • Tek Chand Rana - Zaildar of Kadipur
  • Harpal Rana (Social Worker)

Notable persons

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