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Kalash (कलश) Kalash (कालाश) is a gotra of Jats.[1] Kalasha clan is found in Afghanistan. [2]


They get name after Nagavanshi mahapurusha Kalasha (कलश). [3]. Ranaditya II alias Kalasha was king of Lohara dynasty in Kashmir from 1063-1089 AD.[4]

Kalasharaja in the Genealogy of Nara

Rajatarangini[5] provides us following Genealogy of Nara:

Genealogy of Nara, King of Darvabhisara

Formerly at Darvvabhisara there lived a king named Nara of the Gotra of Bharadvaja, who had a son named Naravahana, and Naravahana had a son named Phulla. Phulla had a son named Sarthavahana, his son was Chandana, and Chandana had two sons, Gopala and Sinharaja, Sinharaja had several children, his daughter Didda was married to Kshemagupta. Didda made Sanggramaraja (son of her brother Udayaraja) king. She had another brother, Kantiraja, and he had a son named Jassaraja, Sanggramaraja had a son named Ananta, while of Jassaraja were born Tanvangga and Gungga. Ananta's son was Kalasharaja, and of Gungga was born Malla. Kalasha's son is king Harshadeva, and Malla's sons were Uchchala and Sussala.

In Mahabharata

Udyoga Parva/Mahabharata Book V Chapter 103 mentions Names of famous Nagas of Bhogavati:

आर्यकॊ नन्दकश चैव तथा कलशपॊतकौ
कैलासकः पिञ्जरकॊ नागश चैरावतस तथा Mahabharata (V.103.11)


H.A. Rose[6] writes that Kalash (कालाश), a tribe of Kafirs, long subject to Chitral and found in two small villages, Kalashgum and Bidir of that State. They speak the Kalash language and are Faqir Miskin by status. The Kam Kafirs affirm that the whole of the country from the Eastern Kafiristan frontier as far as Gilgit was once inhabited by the Kalach.

Rajatarangini[7] mentions Kalasharaja, a principal Thakkura of Rajapuri, who was bribed by king Harsha of Kashmir for his support, during rein of Harsha of Kashmir.

Rajatarangini[8] mentions that Bhagika, Sharadbhasi, Mummuni, Mungata, Kalasha and other men of the king's party harassed the enemies. Kamalaya, son of Lavaraja king of Takka, took the king's side in this war in 1121 AD.

Calas in Greek History

See Calas: Greek Commander of Alexander in 335 BC

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