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Kanda (कंडा) is a Jat clan found in Multan, Pakistan.[1]


Kandaraja of Rajatarangini

Mention by Panini

Kanda (काण्ड), a measure of fields is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [2]

Kanda-plava (काण्ड-प्लव) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [3]


Rajatarangini[4]After fighting several battles in which many were killed, the king attacked Lohara with a large army. At the time of crossing the Sindhu, there being no bridge over it, and the leather bags having burst, Kandaraja and others fell into the water and went to the house of Yama. (VIII, p.96)

Rajatarangini[5] tells us ...At the time of Murder of the king Sussala in 1127 AD, They (Rajputs) did not do anything befitting the occasion; they only said " enjoy the fruit of being alone ;" and thus reproached him. They did not take him on horse or on carriage, nor could they burn him, for they fled to save their own lives. Nor was the body placed by any one afterwards on wood and burnt ; each took one of king's horses and fled ; and the soldiers, as they went into villages, were plundered by the Damaras. On the way which was covered with snow, neither sons protected their fathers, nor fathers saved their sons, whether they died or were killed or plundered. There was no warrior who thought of his dignity when menaced by his enemies on the road, and did not cast away his clothes and arms. But three died bravely. They were Lavaraja and Yashoraja, two Brahmanas who were well up in gymnastics, and Kāndaraja. Utpala and others saw from the neighbourhood, the soldiers thus fleeing and they entered the house, cut off the head of the king and took it away. When they had gone to Devasarasa, the headless king, like a murdered thief, became an object of sight to the villagers. Thus in the year 3, in the month of phalguna, on the day of the new moon, was the king killed by treason, at the age of 55 years. (VIII (i), p.115)

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