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Kanera or Kanira is a village in tahsil .... of Bhind district in Madhya Pradesh. PIN:477111




One incident has been mentioned by Ishwar Das is that when Prince Aurangzeb, on his way to oppose Dara, came to the fords of Chambal, he found them barred by the opposite entrenchment. He was ignorant about other ferries, while the waters were deep. This perturbed Aurangzeb. At this critical juncture Hathi Singh Jat, a zamindar of Gohad, came forward to lead his troops to a neglected ford (Kanira), where from Aurangzeb crossed the Chambal. Though by itself a small incident, it in one stroke turned the scales against Dara. He had to hurry up for the Capital, leaving heavy artillery behind, which greatly weakened his position. [1] [2]

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