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Kanjun (कंजुन)[1] Kanju (कंजु)[2] is a gotra of Jats. [3] [4]They are found in Lodhran tahsil, Multan District, Pakistan. [5]



H A Rose[6] writes that ....Bhatti, the leader under whom they recrossed the Indus, had two sons Dasal and Jaisal. The former settled in Bhattiana and from him are descended the Sidhu-Barar Jats, the Wattu being also descendants of his grandson, Rajput. With this tradition may be compared the following detailed account of the Bhattis of Bahawalpur, in which State they have 15 principal clans. We reproduce here only one relevant clan:

xi. Kulyar or Kawalyur which has an interesting history :— Kulyar was a son of Rana Raj Wadhan, who had four other sons, (1) Utterā, (2) Nun, (3) Kanjun, (4) Hatar. The tradition is that the ancestors of Raj Wadhan lived in ancient times near Ghajni, whence they migrated to Delhi, which after a time they left for Bhatner. In the 7th century of the Hijra Raj Wadhan together with his tribe left Bhatner and settled near Chhanb Kulyar (now in the Lodhran tahsil of Multan), which in those days lay on the southern bank of the Sutlej and formed part of the dominions of Rai Bhutta, the ruler of a city, the greater part of which was destroyed by the Sutlej flowing over it; ; but parts of its ruins are still to be seen on the right bank of the Ghāra (in tahsil Lodhran). Rana, Raj Wadhan had a beautiful daughter whom Rai Bhutta, desired to marry. The request was refused by Kulyar, the eldest son of Raj Wadhan ; and the result was that a sanguinary battle took place in which Rai Bhutta, was slain. The tract of the country thus conquered by the Kulyars became known as Chhanb Kulyilr, which name it still retains. At this time Sher Shah Sayyid Jalal was living in Uch, where Rana Raj Wadhan and his sons went to see him and embraced Islam. Raj Wadhan remained at Uch, Uttera, occupied the ' Viah ' (Bias), Nun began to live on the Ravi, (and that tribe is now dominant in Shujabad tahsil), Kanjun at the Donari Mari (?), and Kulyar made Chhanb Kulyar his residence. Hatar was deprived of his share of the inheritance.

H.A. Rose[7] writes that Kanjun and Channar are said to be connected with the Jhakkars and other tribes in the couplet:—

Jjakkar, Channar, Kanjun, Nun teatera,
Hin Rāne Shaitān de panje bujh bharā.
All these five clans assume the title of Rana. In Bahawalpur they are also called Channun-di and are found chiefly in the kārdāris of Bahawalpur and Ahmadpur East, as cultivators, and in the Rohi, as landowners and cattle-breeders. Their septs are : Admani, Ram, Wisal, Bhojar, and Bharpal, said by some of the tribe to be descended from Pir Channar, but the more general belief is that the Pir never married and that the Channars are descended from his seven brothers, sons of Rai Sandhila. The Channars are, however, believed to be an offshoot of the Mahrs.

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