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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)
Location of Kadma Ka Bas in Sikar district

Kadam Ka Bas (कदम का बास) is a medium-size village in Sikar tahsil, district Sikar in Rajasthan. Kadama is the prakrat form of Sanskrit word Kardama (कर्दम) , name of a Rishi.

Its ancient name, mentioned in Harsha Inscription 961 AD (L-35), was Kardamakhataka (कर्दमखातक) / Karddamakhata (कर्द्दमखात) .

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Kadma Ka Bas village finds mention in Harsha Inscription of samvat 1030 as kardamakhata (कर्दमखत) . [1]

The Harsha inscription of 961 AD tells us names of villages which were donated by nearby Chauhan rulers or chieftains from their controlled area to the temple of Harshadeva.

It mentions village Kardamā Khātā donated by Vatsa-raja, which has been identified as - Kadma Ka Bas.


As per Census-2011 statistics, Kadma Ka Bas village has the total population of 1614 (of which 847 are males while 767 are females).[2]

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