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Location of Katwa (Bardhaman) in West Bengal

Katwa is a town in Bardhaman district in West Bengal. Katwa may be identified with the town Katadupa of the Greeks.

Jat clan


Katwa is located at 23.65°N 88.13°E. It has an average elevation of 21 m. It is situated between the Ajay River and the Bhagirathi River and so bounded by water to the east, west and north.



In the history of ancient India edited by Mc Krindle, there was a river called Amystis that flows past a town called Katadupa, in the days of Megasthenes. Another historian Wilfred opines that Amystis is modern-day Ajay.[1]

Arrian[2] writes Amystis by the city Catadupas.

Tej Ram Sharma[3] writes that Ptolemy (2nd century A.D.) mentions the Murundas for the first time under the name Moroundai and places them on the western border of the 'Gangaridai'. They seem to have occupied an extensive territory, probably the whole of North-Bihar on the east of the Ganga, as far as the head of the delta. They had six important cities, all to the east of the Ganga : Boraita, Koryagaza, Kondota, Kelydna, Aganegora and Talarga. These places are difficult to identify but to Saint-Martin Kelydna appeared to have some relation with Kalinadi or Kalindi river, and Aganagora with Aghadip (Agradvipa) on the eastern bank of the Ganges, a little below Katwa.

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