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Khareria (खड़ेरिया)[1] Khaderia (खडेरिया)[2] Khaderiya (खडेरिया) Khadai (खड़ई)[3] [4] is a gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh.


This gotra started after place named Khadeha. [5]


Their history is associated with Atri Jats also. Presently Atri Jats inhabit village Khadeha in Uttar Pradesh. At times they are also known as "Khaderia". Atri Jats have migrated from this village and founded 60 villages in Aligarh district and Bulandsahar District, Gautam Budda Nagar district(Noida) and Delhi-NCR Region. [6]

Khareria Pal

Khareria (खड़ेरिया) Khap has 60 villages in Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh district. Jat gotra is Khareria & Dagar. Main villages are Gharbara (घरबरा ), Tappal (टप्पल ),Bajota (बजोता ), Jattari (जट्टारी ) and Usarah (उसरह ). Khadeha (खड़ेह) and Mohana (मोहना) in Haryana are big villages of this khap. 12 villages migrated from Dhatir are of Dagar gotra are also in this khap. [7]

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