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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Kirki (किरकी) or Khadki is a town near Pune in Maharashtra, India.




Referred to previously as Kirkee during the British Raj, its borders are flanked by two other large army establishments—the College of Military Engineering at Dapodi and the Bombay Engineering Group. It also has a war cemetery (Kirkee War Cemetery) and a war memorial.

Khadki was the site of the Battle of Khadki, fought between the British East India Company and the Marathas in 1817 in which Baji Rao II, the Peshwa ruler was defeated. Soon after the war, the British set up a cantonment here. It then became the base of the Royal Regiment of Artillery's 79 (Khadki) Commando Battery. World War I Field Marshal William Birdwood, 1st Baron Birdwood was born in Khadki.


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[1] ने लेख किया है ...किरकी (AS, p.189) पुणे से 3 मील दूर है. 1817 ई. में महाराष्ट्र-नायक पेशवा को अंग्रेजों ने इस स्थान पर पराजित करके मराठों की राजशक्ति को सदा के लिए समाप्त कर दिया था.

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