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Location of Khatra (Bankura) in West Bengal

Khatra (Hindi: खटरा, Bengali: খাত্‌রা) is city and sub-division of Bankura District, in the state of West Bengal, India.[1]


Khatra is in the south-west of Bankura District, which is itself to the west of the southern part of West Bengal. Khatra is located at 22.98°N 86.85°E.

Jat clans


Dhalbhum (Hindi:ढलभूम,Bengali: ধলভূম) was the name given to parganas Supur and Ambikanagar in the Khatra area of present Bankura district in West Bengal.[2] In the course of time, Dhalbhum kingdom spread over a much wider area, across the western part of adjoining Midnapore district and the eastern and south-eastern parts of Singhbhum district in present-day Jharkhand.[3]


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