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Location of Radep Village in Sheopur District

Khedli (खेड़ली) or Khedli Radep (खेड़ली-राडेप) is a village in Badoda tahsil of Sheopur district in Madhya Pradesh.





The Sheopur tehsil of Sheopur district adjoining Rajasthan is also rich in jat population. There are many villages inhabited by Jats. About 40-45 villages around Sheopur are having Jats in majority. According to the records of Jagas and Bhats they had come to this area long back. It is believed that when Khilji was the ruler on Delhi, the Barauda area of Sheopur was ruled by Gond Rajas and the Jats of this area defeated Khilji. The oldest village of Jats here is Radep. This is inhabited by Kuradia and Mogar gotra Jats.

Jat Gotras


Notable Persons

  • Prahalad Singh, Retd DSP

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