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Kherka Gujjar (खेड़का गूजर) is a village in Bahadurgarh tahsil of district Jhajjar of Haryana.

Jat gotras


छत्रपति शिवाजी द्वारा निर्मित अस्तल का मुख्य प्रवेश द्वार

यह चित्र छत्रपति शिवाजी द्वारा निर्मित स्थल का है जिसे स्थानीय लोग अस्तल के नाम से जानते हैं - चित्र में केवल इसका प्रवेश द्वार दिखाई दे रहा है । यह दुल्हेड़ा और खेड़का गूजर के मध्य स्थित है । The village Kherka Gujjar is located slightly away from main Bahadurgarh-Jhajjar road, near village - 'Dulehra' [ दुल्हेड़ा] which is located on the main road. From village Dulehra, Kherka Gujjar can be accessed via an approach road which further connects village Goela Kalan (गोयला कलां) and Khedi-Jatt (खेड़ी जट). Some people confuse when they hear 'Kherka Gujjar' - it is clarified that there are no families of Gujjars community in this village, it is just the name of village. It is a medium-sized village and the only Jat gotra is Deswal . Two more neighbouring villages - Dulehra (दुल्हेड़ा) and Bhadaani भदाणी - also have the same Jat gotra – Deswal .

Being not very far from Delhi border, the environmental conditions in the area are undergoing a rapid change. None can predict whether this change is for the betterment of the local people or for the worst (just like the case of villages of Delhi which have lost their agricultural lands). The Kundali-Manesar-Palwal Expressway will soon pass through this area (about 2 kilometres away from Kherka Gujjar/ Dulehra). The proposed Special Economic Zone (SEZ) near Badli village in Jhajjar district is also a few kilometres away from this village.


Though Kherka Gujjar is stated to be more than a thousand-year old, the present-day Jats inhabitants settled here in 1364 AD when Choudhary Khema of Ladhaut came here after purchasing a 4000-bigha plot by paying Rs. 500 to Chanchal Gujjar, the then owner of the land. Chanchal Gujjar moved away and since then, the descendants of Choudhary Khema are occupying the present land. That is why, the name “Kherka Gujjar” is still being used.

One monument of historical importance is situated just outside this village - a huge one-acre complex called ‘Asthal’ which also has its land property in neighbouring 12 villages. This ‘Asthal’ is now managed by one Swamiji. The complex has an old monastry which looks like a fort, built in small bricks and limestone apart from one Shiva temple and a pond nearly. It also has an underground storage hall ( तहखाना) which is believed to have some old weapons contained therein but people hesitate to visit that dark place. From the neighbouring Shiva temple, ancient stairs go down the holy pond. The complex was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji for the purpose of keeping some of his soldiers/spies who could keep an eye on the activities of Aurangzeb’s then capital, Delhi (which is just 40 kilometres from this place).

People of this village believe in a local imaginary deity ‘Dada Jasram Devta’. Many of them believe that this god has given a special protection to the villagers – though the village has traditionally sent many youngmen into armed forces, till today none of them has so far lost life in wars or while serving in army - perhaps, as the belief persists, due to blessings of ‘Dada Jasram Devta’ !

संक्षिप्त इतिहास

लाढ़ौत निवासी चौ. खेमा ने विक्रमी संवत १४२१ (1364 ईस्वी) में चंचल गूजर से ४००० बीघे का रकबा ५०० रुपये में मोल लिया और खेड़का गांव बसाया । चंचल गूजर के कारण ही इस गांव का नाम खेड़का गूजर है । इस समय कोई गूजर परिवार यहां नहीं रहता । चौधरी खेमा की वंशावली इस प्रकार है -

चौधरी खेमा → सहसराम → बनवारी → जोतराम → भैराम → हरदयाल → खेतलसिंह → सूरजमल → हिम्मतसिंह → नागराज → कम्मो → धर्मसिंह → नत्थड़ → मुल्की → कीर्ते ।

चौ. कीर्ते से वर्तमान कीर्ताण पान्ना बसा जो कि सबसे बड़ा पान्ना है । दूसरे पान्ने हैं - मैदाण, कमराजिया, जसराणियां ।

उपरोक्त विवरण सोनीपत के भाटों के पास लिखित और सुरक्षित पुस्तक से लिया गया है ।

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In news

Three sisters from Kherka Gujjar join Army Medical Corps - news in Daily Bhaskar dated 30 December 2016 -

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