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Khijadiya on District map of Jamnagar

Khijadiya (खीजड़िया) is a village in Jamnagar tahsil in Jamnagar District of Gujarat.




It is located 12 km north-east of town Jamnagar.



The Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is unique having both fresh water lakes, salt and freshwater marshlands. It is spread over an area of 6.05 Sqkm. Before Indian independence, a check dam was built for storing the waters of river Ruparel just before it entered the sea. Over the years with fresh water of the rain and river on one side and salt water of the sea on the other side, a unique area was formed here. On the other side of the bund large creeks flowing from the Gulf of Kutch are located. These creeks supports mangroves and other marine vegetation while on land side of the sanctuary inland vegetation like Deshi babul, Pilu, Prosopis and others are found profusely. The sanctuary is located at the watershed of Ruparel river and Kalindri at the North East coastal region of Jamnagar district in the Gulf of Kutch and has a very special and unique ecosystem. Further, as sanctuary is located near Narara Island, therefore it also has a beautiful and bio-diversified coral reef.


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