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Khoh Nagoriyan (खोह-नागोरियन) is a village in .... tahsil in Jaipur district of Rajasthan.


Jat Gotras


Khoh was the oldest capital of Kachhawa dynasty who ruled in Rajasthan for several centuries.[1]

During 11th century Khoh (at present Khoh Nagoriyan near Jaipur) was ruled by Raja Aalan Singh Meena of Chanda Gotra. Meanwhile the kingdom of Gwalior (called Narwar at that time) was being ruled by Sodh Singh who was assassinated by his brother. The queen and her son (Dulha Rai or Dhola Rai, grand father of Bharmal) managed to flee the kingdom and were given refuge by the Aalan Singh who adopted that child as his nephew. It was her son who used the trust bestowed upon him by the king and conspired with Rajputs and attacked the fort when the Meenas were most vulnerable (during the Diwali time where they would give up arms for whole day and pay homages to their ancestors by taking dips in Badli's pond) (ancient tradition that is called pitratrapan).[2]

Jain temple

Suparshwanath Swetambar Jain temple Khoh Nagorian is the oldest Jain temple in Jaipur. It is situated at Khoh Nagorian, 4 KMs from Chulgiri. Time of establishment of the temple is unknown but it is as old as seven hundred years or more.[3]


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