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Khokhrakot or Khokrakot (खोखरा कोट/ खोकराकोट) is an old town on the outskirts of Rohtak city. Khokhrakot is believed to be the capital of Khokhar Jats in 3rd and 4th century BC. The city is in the shape of ruins now and only heaps of clay are visible. According to archaeologists, an old city is hidden below these heaps. At a few points, archaeological diggings were done in the past and some important discoveries were made.


Clay mounds of coins discovered at Khokhrakot have thrown important light on the process of casting coins in ancient India. The coin moulds of the later Yadhyayas of the 3-4 century A.D. have been discovered in large number here of the same and subsequent dates are several clay sealings. A Gupta terraacota plague and a head of later date have also been discovered. The town continued to flourish till the 10th century coins of samanta Deva, the Hindus King of kabul have been found here.

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