Khumana Ram Saharan

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History of Saharan’s, Village Ganeshgarh (Dungar Singh Pura) is as under:

Choudhary Khumana Ram Saharan and his family came in this village in vikram samwat 1930 from Jassana (Nohar) Ch. Khumana Ram had nine sons: One of them whose name was Ch. MOTA RAM SAHARAN remained/residence there.Ch.Mota Ram Saharan had 8 sons.One of them whose name was Ch. Jagmal Ram Saharan.He was a great and powerful leader he had great links with King Maharaja Ganga Singh JI. A chair was fixed for Ch. JAGMAL Ram SAHARAN in the conference hall of the king Maharaja Ganga Singh ji of Bikaner Province, Maharaja Ganga Singh ji was the only first and foremost person who brought Drinking water and Irrigation water of Canal for all the peoples of distt. Ganganagar the name of the canal was Gang Nahar. Ch. Jagmal ram had three sons Ch. Jora Ram and Ch. Dhanna Ram and Ch. Chet Ram.Ch.Jora ram saharan had 4 sons 1Ch Badri parsad 2.Ch.Lachhi Ram saharan 3.Ch.Harisingh saharan 4.Ch.Shivnarayan saharan.Ch.Lachhiram have three sons whose name are 1.Sh.Mahaveer saharan live in MahiyanwaliSh.Mahaveer saharan have one son which name is Mr. ARUN SAHARAN.2.Sh.Mahendra saharan .He have one son whose name is Mr.ARYAVEER SAHARAN3.Sh. Rajendra saharan.Sh Rajendra saharan was at the seat of CHAIRMAN in villeges society from 2006 to 2008.Sh. Rajendra saharan have one son whose name is Mr. ANUJ SAHARAN.Pradeep saharan S/o Sh. Omparkash saharan is also working in society since 2005 as a Assistant Manager.the 2nd son of Ch. Jagmal ram name was Ch.Dhanna Ram saharan.he was a great and powerful person and full of kindness.Also a great politician and always had linked with great and high profile politicians.Ch. Dhanna Ram saharan had four sons.whose names are 1Ch. Ramgopal saharan 2.Ch.RAMSINGH SAHARAN 3.Ch.Raisahab saharan 4Ch. Mahaveer saharan.Ch.Ramgopal saharan had not any child.Ch.Ramsingh saharan have a firm in new Anajmandi,Sri GANGANAGAR.Ch. Ramsingh saharan have 4 sons whose names are 1.Sh.Prem Saharan 2.Sh.Vinod saharan 3.Sh Mahendra singh saharan 4.Sh. Banwari lal saharan.Late Sh. Prem saharan was at the post of Principal in Govt. Sen Sec. School,Manjhuwas.Sh.Vinod saharan is a Farmer.He started farming in a very young age.he is only 13 years old when he start farming.Sh.Vinod saharan have two sons which names are 1.Mr. SUSHIL SAHARAN 2.Mr SUNIL SAHARAN.Mr.Sushil saharan also a farmer.Mr.Sushil saharan have two sons 1.Mr. MADHAV SAHARAN 2.Mr.MAYANK SAHARAN.Mr. sunil saharan have one son whose name is Mr.AKALAWAYA SAHARAN.Mr. Mahendra singh saharan at the post of P.E.T. in Govt sec. school,Manfulsinghwala.He have two sons.1Mr.ANKUSH SAHARAN 2 Mr. ANKIT SAHARAN.Mr.Banwari lal saharan is called SARPANCH in village.Now His wife Mrs.Vijaylakshmi saharan is at the post of sarpanch.Sh.Banwari lal saharan is a great politician and a powerful man in the area.he is also a kind person he always help poor peoples.Sh.Banwari lal always think about village and the poor and needed peoples.Sh.banwari lal saharan has one sone whose name is Mr.GOURAV SAHARAN.Ch.MAHAVEER SAHARAN S/O Ch.DHANNA RAM SAHARAN was a great and kind person.he had a great personality and place in peoples heart either they was friends or enemies.Ch.Mahaveer saharan started cricket in village DUNGER SINGH PURA.He has one son which name is Ch. Ajay saharan.Ch AJAY SAHARAN is a farmer.Ch Ajay saharan has one son whose name is Mr. Mrityunjay Saharan

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