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For Keechak village, please see- Keechak Didwana.

Kichak (कीचक) Kichaka (कीचक), in the Hindu epic Mahābhārata, was the brother of queen Sudeshna of King Virata, the king of Matsya. Kichaka was slain by Bhima during one year of hidden exile spent by Pandavas at the court of king Virata. King Virata was killed by Drona during the great war.

Village Katrathal, an ancient historical village of Sikar district in Rajasthan,is believed to be associated with Kichaka.

Kichaka Kingdom

Kichaka Kingdom is identified to be one of the Matsya Kingdom ruled by Matsya rulers.

Kichaka Kingdom was allied to King Virata. The Kichaka king (or chief), known by the name Kichaka was the commander-in-chief of the Matsya-army under king Virata. He belonged to the Suta caste (4,15). He was the main strength of king Virata against his arch-enemy viz the Trigarta king Susharman (2,25). He got attracted to the wife of Pandavas viz Draupadi (4,15). He was later slain by the Pandava Bhima (4,22). Some believe that the village named Ekachakra were the Pandavas finally settled after the escape from the murder-attempt, belonged to the kingdom of Kichaka. At (1,162) is mentioned that the city named Vetrakiya (a city on the banks of river Vetravati, the modern-day river Betwa) was the capital of this kingdom. Vetravati is believed to be same as the river Suktimati on the banks of which lied the Chedi capital Suktimati. It is a tributary of Yamuna to the east of Charmanvati, yet another tributary of Yamuna. Kingdom of Kichaka is identified to be lying between Charmanwati and Vetravati rivers, i.e., to the south of southern- Panchala; to the north of Chedi and to the east of Matsya-proper.

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