Kisan Bhawan Faridabad

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Kisan Bhawan Faridabad

Kisan Bhawan Faridabad is a community resource built by Jat Samaj Faridabad in 2016.

Community resource

Kisan Bhavan is a community resource built by the Jat Samaj, Faridabad, with the help from people from all walks and stratas of life. The building took six years, 5 crores and endless efforts from the members of the Jat Samaj, Faridabad and is aimed at providing space to the all citizens for various social and cultural activities. Jat samaj is soon going to adopt the middle school situated in the vicinity of the Kisan Bhavan.


Additionally, the following facilities are offered :

1. A basement hall with an area of Ten thousand square feet and capacity of a thousand people.
2. 20 Air conditioned rooms with all facilities
3. A conference hall
4. A Dining Hall
5. A dormitory (ten beds)
6. A Library for all age groups
7. Parking facility for over 1000 vehicles

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