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Kohja (कोह्जा) is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.


H.A. Rose writes that Kohja (कोह्जा), In the Jullundur tahsil, are the first Jats to become Musalmans would seem to have been the Kaujas or Kohjas who hold five villages ; one of which is called Kauja, where the Kingra cho enters the District. They say their ancestor was a giant who accompanied Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in one of his invasions and settled down here as he liked the country. His name was Ali Muhammad or Manju, and he was nicknamed Koh-Cha, or 'little mountain' on account of his size. The change from Koh-cha to Kauja or Kohja is simple. Six of their septs (the Sim, Sadhu, Arak, Sin, Dhanoe, and Khunkhun) claim to be of Arab descent, and so were originally Muhammadans. The others were converted at various times since the reign of Akbar. The above mentioned six septs at least intermarry on equal terms. The Kohjas avoid the use of beef and till lately observed Hindu rites, as well as the Muhammadan nikah, at weddings. [1]

Distribution in Pakistan

Kohja - The Kohja claim descent from a Turkish nobleman. They were found in Jalandhar District until partition. They are now found in Jhang District.

Notable persons


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