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Kosana (कोसाणा) is a village in Bhopalgarh tahsil of Jodhpur district in Rajasthan.

Jat Gotras


Towns and Villages of Chauhan Dominions mentioned in Early Chauhān dynasties: a study of Chauhān political history, Chauhān political institutions, and life in the Chauhān dominions from C. 800 to 1316 A.D., by Dasharatha Sharma includes at S. No. 16

16. Kosavana (कोसवाणा) - same as Kosana of the Rao Jetsi ro Chhanda.

Notable persons

  • Prem Raj Bhadla - From village Kosana (कोसाणा) (Jodhpur). Phone ; 0291-2612076

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