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Karmir (करमीर)[1] Kirmara (किरमरा) Karmit (करमीट) is a gotra of Jats. [2]


They have originated from Nagavanshi King Krimira (क्रीमीर) . These people were inhabitants of place called Karmania, which gave this name to the gotra. [3]


Wikipedia mentions that Karmir-Blur (means red mountain) near Yerevan, is an Urartu fortress and governmental centre, with towered and buttressed perimeter walls, massively gated, parade ground within the wall and ground floor entirely occupied by store rooms. [4]

Distribution in Haryana

Kirmara (किरमरा) is a village of about 6000 population in Hisar district of Haryana, under Hisar Tehsil.


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