Krishan Chander Rathee

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Krishan Chander Rathee was born in village Rajlu Garhi District Sonepat Haryana. He initially started his career as a school teacher and later joined Delhi Administration. He retired as a Sub Divisional Magistrate in Delhi. He worked with heart for thr jats in Delhi without carving for a recognition. After his retirement he joined Delhi Vidyut Board as OSD to DG Vigilance. At the time of his death in December 2002 he was working as Special Metropolitan Magistrate Traffic in Delhi. In Delhi administration he is known as a very able administrator. He was the President of Adarsh Nagar Jat Association and also an integral member of 'Parivar Parichay' and 'Maharaja Surajmal Institute'. He is still admired as a very humble and down to earth person who is always ready to help not only a JAT but any needy one.

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