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(Kookana, Kukna, Kunkana, Kukania, Kukadya)

Location  : Haryana and Rajasthan
Country  : India
Vansh : Nagavanshi
Languages : Rajasthani, Haryanvi

Religion  : Hinduism

Kookana (कूकणा) Kukana (कुकणा) Kukna (कुकणा) Kunkana (कुंकणा) Kukania (कुकणिया) Kukadya (कुकडया)[1][2] is gotra of Jats found in Haryana and Rajasthan.


No authentic records come out about their origin but they are considered probably some distant descendants of Nagavanshi King Kukuna (कुकुण) of Mahabharata period.


It is one of Jat clans as described by Megasthenes as Cocondae (S.No.16), which may be identified with Kukana, Who adjoin the island Patale, from the furthest shore of which to the Caspian gates the distance is said to be 1, 925 miles.

Udyoga Parva/Mahabharata Book V Chapter 103 mentions Names of famous Nagas which includes Kukuna along with Kukura.

बाह्यकुण्डॊ मणिर नागस तथैवापूरणः खगः
वामनश चैल पत्रश च कुकुरः कुकुणस तथा Mahabharata (5.103.10)

Shalya Parva, Mahabharata/Book IX Chapter 44 mentions names of Kings who came to the ceremony for investing Kartikeya with the status of generalissimo. It includes Kokanada:

अचलः कनकाक्षशबालानाम अयिकः परभुः
संचारकः कॊकनदॊ गृध्रवक्त्रश च जम्बुकः Mahabharata (9.44.69)

Villages founded by Kukna clan

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Hanumangarh district

Amarpura Jalukhat, Dhaban, Dholipal, Khat Jalu, Kishanpura Utradha, Ratanpura, Rorawali, Sangaria,

Villages in Sri Ganganagar district

Anoopgarh Ganganagar, Prempura, Sardarpura Jiwan,

Villages in Nagaur district

Bharnai, Budsoo, Degana Ganw, Hudeel, Itawa Lakha, Koonknon Ki Dhani, Kunkana Ki Dhani, Mamdoli (100), Shankhwas, Tosina,

Villages in Barmer district

Aalpura, Chak Gudha, Garal (10), Jhakh Barmer, Puniya Tala, Kuknon Ki Dhani, Nokhra (1),

Villages in Jodhpur district

Anganwa, Ghevara, Salwa Kalla,

Villages in Bikaner district

Biramsar Bikaner, Bikaner, Garhwala Bikaner, Palana, Rajpura Huddan, Shekhsar,

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in District Sirsa

Darba Kalan, Tajia Khera

Villages in District Fatehabad

Notable person

  • Jaswant Singh (Kukna) - Raj Accounts Service, Phone: 0141-2710420, Mobile: 9414788069
  • Ashok Kumar Kookna: IRS (C&CE ) 2014 Batch, from Bikaner, Presently under training: 7042310999
  • कूकना मे दादाजी महाराज नाम के संत भी हुवे जिनका मंदिर भी है.

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