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Kundal (कुण्डल) is Jat village in Sonipat district near Kharkhoda . Kundal and Rampur are twin villages.


Jat Gotras


The Kundal village has population of 2168 of which 1149 are males while 1019 are females as per Population Census 2011.[1]


It is believed that Kundal was earlier known as Kundan Pur & Rukmani ( Shree Krishnas wife ) belonged to this village. To support this, there exists a place known as Rukman Ki Talaa.

Heritage buildings

Shiva Temple and Shivaratri fairs

A very old and famous Shiv Temple exists just on the entrance of village. The Temple is almost 500 years old as per the age of bricks testified by ASI. Two fairs, one in Sharvan and another in Phagun, are organised on Shivratris. People from far away places visit this temple and offer their prayers on these auspicious occasions. Wrestling competitions are also held during these fairs.


There is an old Asthal (where sadhus reside) in the twin village and there exists Rukman ki Tala.

Notable Persons

Kundal village in Nimach district

Kundal is also a village in Nimach district in Madhya Pradesh. Jat Gotra - Saran.

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