Kurukshetra War Day-2

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The Kurukshetra War detailed in the Hindu epic Mahabharata was between the ancient Hindu clans of Kaurava and Pandava and lasted eighteen days.

The Pandavas won the second day of the Kurukshetra War.

Military formation of the Kaurava Army

(MBh 6.51)

Military formation of the Pandava Army

(MBh 6.50)

Meeting of the Kauravas before Day 2

(MBh 6.51) Duryodhana, Drona, Kripa, Shalya, Bhurisravas, Vikarna, Ashwathama and Dussasana participated in it.

Conclusion of the meeting:-

  • Bhishma's leadership is good
  • Bhima's leadership is not so
  • Bhishma should be well protected

Meeting of the Pandavas before Day 2

(MBh 6.50) Yudhisthira, Krishna, Bhima, Arjuna, Dhristadyumna and many others participated in it.

The heroes of the Kaurava army in Day Two

(MBh 6.51)

As usual, Kauravas adopted measures to protect Bhishma and formed a large Vyuha. Dushasana, Vikarna, Nanda, Upanandaka and Chitrasena, these brothers of Duryodhana protected Bhishma. The following armies viz the Samsthanas, Surasenas, Venikas, Kukkuras, Rechakas, Trigartas, Madrakas, Yavanas, Satrunjayas and Manibhadrakas --these tribes protected Bhishma's army. Bhishma and his protectors stood at the frond of the army. He was followed by Drona. Drona had the Kuntalas, Dasarnas, Magadhas, Vidarbhas (Vidarbha's who were not under the Vidarbha king Rukmi who ruled from his capital city viz Bhojakata. These Vidarbha's were from the second Vidarbha capital viz Kundinapuri), Melakas, Karnas and Pravaranas. Behind Drona was Sakuni followed by Gandharas, Sindhus, Sauviras, Sivis and Vasatis. He was followed by Duryodhana with his brothers, Aswalakas (Asvaka and Aswalaka were kingdoms from Afghanistan), Vikarnas, Vamanas, Kosalas, Daradas, Vrikas, Kshudrakas and Malavas. He was followed by Bhurisravas, Sala, Shalya, Bhagadatta, Vinda and Anuvinda of Avanti, all of who formed the left flank of the array. Then there was Somadatta, Susharman, Sudakshina Kamboja, Satayus and Srutayus at the right flank. Ashwathaman, and Kripa, and Kritavarman of Satwata’s race, with a very large division of the troops, were, stationed at the rear of the army. Behind them were the rulers of many provinces, and Ketumat, and Vasudana, and the powerful son of the king of Kasi.

The heroes of the Pandava army in Day Two

(MBh 6.50)

Dhrishtadyumna when morning dawned, placed Arjuna in the van of the whole army. King Drupada, surrounded by a large number of troops, became the head of the array. The two kings Kuntibhoja and Saivya became its two eyes. The ruler of the Dasarnas, and the Prayagas, with the Daserakas, and the Anupakas, and the Kiratas were placed in its neck. Yudhishthira, with the Patachcharas, the Hunas, the Pauravakas and the Nishadas, became its two wings, so also the Pisachas, with the Kundavishas, and the Mandakas, the Ladakas (Ladakh district of Kashmir), the Tanganas, and the Uddras, and the Saravas, the Tumbhumas, the Vatsas, and the Nakulas. Nakula and Sahadeva placed themselves on the left wing. The rear was protected by Virata aided by the Kekayas, and the ruler of Kasi and the king of the Chedis (Dhristaketu), with thirty thousand cars.

On the joints of the wings, the wings and the extremities of the wings proceeded elephants in large bodies. On the joints of the wings, on the head, on the back and on the neck numerous cars (chariots) were placed

The highlights of Day Two fight

Warriors slain

  • Kalinga king Srutayus's son Sakradeva was slain by Bhima
  • Kalinga king Srutayus's son or cousine Bhanumat was slain by Bhima
  • Kalinga king Srutayus himself was slain by Bhima
  • Kalinga hero Satyadeva was slain by Bhima
  • Kalinga hero Satya was slain by Bhima
  • Nishada prince Ketumat was slain by Bhima

Chapter-wise Summary

The highlight of the Day Two fight was Bhima's destruction of the Kalinga army. He slew most of the foremost Kalinga warriors in that battle. He showed his skill as a smitter, using his formidable mace. He slew heroes with his bows and arrows as well as fell many steeds, elephants, and cars (chariots) in the Kalinga army, with his mace. Kalinga's elephant division was utterly destroyed. In the rest of the days of the war, Kalinga's fought without a good hero to lead them, mostly forming a part of the army of other kingdoms under other heroes. Bhima proved to be a great bowmen too, apart from his unparelleld skill in mace fight. Arjuna also picked up his war-skills as a bowmen at the end of the second day.


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