Kurukshetra War Day-5

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Kurukshetra War Day-5

Duryodhana, overwhelmed by sorrow at the loss of his brothers, went to Bhishma at the end of day four of the battle, and asked his commander how could Pandavas facing a superior force against them, still prevail and win. Bhishma replied saying that the Pandavas had justice on their side and advised Duryodhana to seek peace. When the battle resumed on the fifth day, the slaughter continued. Pandava army again suffered against Bhishma's attacks. Satyaki bore the brunt of Drona's attacks and soon could not withstand it. Bhima soon drove by and rescued Satyaki. Arjuna fought and killed thousands of soldiers sent by Duryodhana to attack him. The unimaginable carnage continued during the ensuing days of the battle.

The sixth day was especially marked by a prodigious slaughter. Drona caused immeasurable loss of life on the Pandava side. The formations of both the armies were broken. On the eighth day Bhima killed eight of Dhritarashtra's sons. Arjuna's son Iravan was killed by the Kauravas.

On the ninth day Krishna once again overcome by anger at the apparent inability of Arjuna to defeat Bhishma, rushed towards the Kaurava commander. Arjuna again stopped Krishna. Realising that the war cannot be won as long as Bhisma is standing, Krishna suggested the strategy of placing a woman in the field to face Bhisma.

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