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For Kutana village in Desh Khap, see Kotana

Kutana (कुताना) is a small and modern established village in Rohtak District.


Ch. Sheonath Nandal was the legal advisor of Bahadur Shah Jafar –II(Rangeela), the last Mughal King. After the defragmentation of Riyasats, the three be-chirags villages Kutna.Titari-Khera and Jalalpur were obtained by Ch. Sheonath Nandal by paying the due Abiyana to the Govt. His ancestor, Ch. Jaggan Singh Nandal establish the be-charag village Kutana in 1970 and by the efforts of Sh. Balraj Singh Nandal, a separate Panchayat came into existence in 1992. Kutana is a modern village of the district having a bid IMT in its fold.



Notable Persons

Sh. Balraj Singh Nandal was born in peasantry family of Nandal gotra of Village Bohar in District Rohtak on dated 13.04.1963. He was the Sarpanch of Kutana Village in 1995-2000. He is the social worker and engaged in various social and political activities. By his efforts, a separate Gram Panchayat had been established in Village Kutana. Prior to this Kutana was a Be-Chirag Village between Bhiwani Road and Hisar Road in outskirts of Rohtak City. He served the people of Kutana and Rohtak during the Flood-95 episode in Rohtak District. He is also engaged in the welfare of mentally retarded children through Anathalya.

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