Lath Sheopur

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Location of Villages around Sheopur

Lath (लाथ) or Lat/Laat (लात ) is a village in Badoda tahsil of Sheopur district in Madhya Pradesh.


Jat Gotras


Notable Persons

  • Devi Ram Singh (Brahmanya) - Village: Lath Sheopur.[1]
  • Shankar Singh Tanwar,
  • Vijay Singh,
  • Shambhoo Singh,
  • Dhannalal ,
  • Lakhan Singh,
  • Nand Bihari,
  • Shatrughan Sarpanch,
  • Mahendra Singh,
  • Brahmaanand Patwari,

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  1. Jat-Veer Smarika, Gwalior, 1987-88,p.126,s.n.158

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