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Ladha (लाधा) is a gotra of Jats. [1]


Ladhapradesha (लाढ़प्रदेश) is a Janapada mentioned in jaina records Ayarangasutta. Some historians have identified it with Rarh region of West Bengal and others consider it to be Lata region of Gujarat.[2]


Rama, the ancestor of the Pattiala family, was the second son of Phul. Rama married Sabi, the daughter of a Bhuttar zamindar of Nanun, who bore him six sons, Duna, Subha, Ala Singh, Bakhta, Ladha, and Budha. [3]

  • Duna, first son, was the founder of the Bhadour family.
  • Subha, the second son, died in 1729, and his only son, Jodh, the same year ; and Hodiana, which he had conquered and made his residence, came into the possession of his brother Ala Singh.
  • Ala Singh, the third son, was founder of Patiala stsate.
  • Bakhta, the fourth son, was the ancestor of the Malod family,
  • Budha and Ladha, who took the name of Ram Singh, no descendants are now living.



Ladha Heri village is in Nabha tahsil in Patiala district in Punjab.

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