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Ladu (लाडू) Laduh (लाडूह)[1] [2] gotra Jats live in Nimach district in Madhya Pradesh. Ladu/Ladi clan is found in Afghanistan.[3]


Bhim Singh Dahiya[4] writes about Queen Ladi. ....Then followed the defeat after defeat of Dahir and his relations in spite or the brave fights given by his army consisting mostly of the Jats and Mers. Some of the Mers had also gone over to the side of Kasim and it were these Mers who were later on called Rajputs. Jai Sing son of Dahir became a Muslim. Even this conversion did not save him from universal end. Ladi, queen of Dahir was taken prisoner along with his two daughters. Queen Ladi was betrayed by 1,000 Brahmans who came with shaven heads and beards before Mohd. Bin Kasim.

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Neemuch district

Nayagaon Jawad (2),

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