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Lamina (लामीना)[1][2] is gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh. [3]


Rajatarangini[4] mentions that when Sussala became King of Kashmir second time in 1121 AD he faced difficulties. There happened a disaster on the bridge over the Sindhu, king was defeated but Renewal of war continued. It is mentioned that Ananda of the family of Kaka, Loshtasha, Nala and other renowned warriors in the Damara army were killed by the king's (Sussala) soldiers. Lamnā was not brought before the eyes of the severe king, but the king's servants, like Chandalas, killed many people. The remnant of Bhikshu's army ascended the hill of Gopadri in fear, but the king's soldiers surrounded them on all sides and their destruction became imminent.

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