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Landi (Land, Lando) is a Jat clan found in Afghanistan.[1]



H. W. Bellew[2] writes that the Nyazi division of Lodi, as suggested by Tod (Annals of Rajasthan), is derived from the Hindi Nyad, or "New comer." The term appears to have been applied to Indian inhabitants of Afghanistan, converts to Islam in the time of Shahabuddin Ghori. The Nyazi, it is said, emigrated largely to Hindustan during the reigns of Sultan Bahlol Lodi and Sher Shah Suri, under whose Governments they enjoyed lucrative offices about the royal court, and various important administrative charges. There are now few of the clan left in Afghanistan, where they form one of the four principal clans of the Povindah caravan merchants. Their summer quarters are in the high plateau on the west of the Suleman range, and they winter on its eastern side in the Daman of the Indus valley. he Nyazi sections are include : — Lando.

Notable persons


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