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Langrial (لنگر يا ل) is one of the union councils of Kharian Tehsil, Gujrat District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. This town was founded in 1478 by Ratan Langrial.[1] who came from Multan.


The village got its name from the Langrial tribe of Jats.


Langrial is situated on both side of Kotla Arab Ali Khan-old Gulyna road, which goes from Kotla Arab Ali Khan to Gulyna. Langrial is 2 km away from Kotla Arab Ali Khan. Langrial is a quite large village of Gujrat District. It is located at 32° 50' 0" North, 74° 2' 0" East and lies almost midway between Bhimber, Azad Kashmir and Gujrat.


Notable persons

Most of the people of Langrial are settled abroad in various countries like USA, Canada, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia and have financially strengthen their families. The famous politician is and Ch. Muhammad Afzal who has been elected twice as Nazim Union council, and have contributed a lot in the development of the area. Beside these, a lot of persons of Langrial have proven their skills in various government, armed forces and private sectors like banking and industry as well. A few examples are Ch. Zulqarnain serving Pakistan Railway as CSP Officer,Ch.Sarmad Akhtar Langrial working as SDO in Punjab Highways Ch. Yassar Rashid in Banking Sector, Ch. Wajid Ali Khan Software Engg. working in UK, Ch. Waqar Munir Advocate, Ch. Waqas Ahmed ACCA UK, Ch. Muhammad Afzal Atomic Energy Commission, and Ch. Tajamal Hussain Chemical Engg. Maj. Muzammil Hussain Pakistan Armed Forces.Faisal Ali administrative business management and computer hardware engg. These are the youngsters who have been working in various sectors in Pakistan and playing a vital role in development of the village Langrial.

Villages in Union Council

Bangial village, Mandhar, Bhandgran, Kalu Chak, Rathory, Sheikhpur, Ladian, Sriya and Golara are the villages of Union Council Langrial.

Neighbouring villages

Kotla Arab Ali Khan كوتله اربعلى خا ن

Kakrali, Samrala, Jandala, Sabour, Ladian, Shampur, Mandhar, Bhandgran, Kalu Chuk, Rathory, Sheikh Pur, Mathana Chuk, Sriya



Notable persons


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