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Lath (लाठ) is a village in Gohana tehsil of Sonipat district in Haryana. Lath clan is found in Afghanistan.[1]


The village is situated 10 km away from Gohana and 25 km from Sonipat on Sonipat Gohana road. Lath village is part of Chaugama (Part of four village union) Katwal, Jauli, Damkan Kheri and Lath. Some people of this village had migrated to village Karad of Panipat district early in 1960s.

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Notable persons

Rajesh Kumar Dhochak.jpg
  • Rajesh Kumar Dhochak (Hav.) was Raj-Rif Brave Hero of our Country who sacrificed his life on 1.8.2009 in Jammu and Kashmir fighting with terrorists. He was awarded with Ashok Chakra for his bravery the by President of India on 26th Jan, 2010. He was from village Lath, tah: Gohana, district Sonipat, Haryana. Unit: 11 Rajputana Rifles.
  • Dinesh Dhochak - Engineer, presently working in Dubai.
  • Parmjeet (Dhola) , serving in Para Special Forces

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  1. An Inquiry Into the Ethnography of Afghanistan By H. W. Bellew, The Oriental University Institute, Woking, 1891, p.138

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