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Laumiri (लौमड़ी) Lomri (लौमड़ी) Laumari (लौमड़ी) Lumri (लूमड़ी) gotra Jats are found in Afghanistan and Baluchistan (Pakistan). It is same as Numri.



Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes that ....Gedown and Niel write that the forefathers, of Laumiri Baluchis were Jats.

Ram Sarup Joon[2] writes that ....Baluchis of the Lomri region are described as Jats in their chronicles.

James Tod[3] writes that Numri, Lumri, or Luka Tribe is also a grand subdivision of the Baloch race, and is mentioned by Abu-l Fazl as ranking next to the Kulmani, and being able to bring into the field three hundred cavalry and seven thousand infantry. Gladwin has rendered the name Nomurdy, and is followed by Rennel. The true reading is Nohmardi [4] The Numris, or Lumris, also styled Luka, a still more familiar term for fox, Hindi lokri or lokhri, are likewise affirmed to be Jat in origin. What is the etymology of the generic term Baloch, which they have assumed, or whether they took it from, or gave it to, Baluchistan, some future inquirer into these subjects may discover.

James Tod[5] writes that Ferishta calls Rae Sehra and his tribe of Langa, Afghans ; and Abulfazil says, the inhabitants of Seevee were of the Noomrie (fox) tribe, which is assuredly one of the most numerous of the Jit or Gete race, though they have all, since their conversion, adopted the distinctive term of Baloch.


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