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Map of Jhelum River & its tributaries in Kashmir Valley
Lidder river, Pahalgam

Lidder River (लीदर नदी) is a 73 km long river in the Kashmir region of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.



It originates from the Kolhoi Glacier[2] of the Jehlum River and meets Jehlum river at Gurnar Khanabal village at an altitude of 1615 meters.


The Lidder River gives rise to Lidder Valley, originates from Kolhoi Glacier in the vicinity of Sonamarg and runs southwards through an alpine meadow called Lidderwat in region of Pahalgam- Aru, from which the river has got its name. The river flows through lush green mountains of fir. The tourist village Aru is situated on its bank. It covers 30 kms to the tourist destination of Pahalgam where it meets a major tributary (the East Lidder) from Sheshnag Lake and runs westwards until it meets the Jehlum River at Gurnar Khanabal village of Anantnag. It has crystal blueish water as of Neelum River. Pahalgam occupies the central Lidder Valley.[3]


Ledari (लेदरी) is a region of king Lava mentioned in Rajatarangini. [4]....Lava: The next king whose name is mentioned was Lava, a renowned prince. He had a vast and powerful army under him, and probably carried on many wars with his neighbours. It is said of him that the noise of his army made his people sleepless, but lulled his enemies to long sleep (death). He built the town of Lolora which, it is said, contained no less than eighty-four lacs of stone-built houses. Nothing more is said of him than that he bestowed the village of Lovara in Ledari on Brahmanas before his death.

He was succeeded by his son Kusheshaya, who was a powerful prince. He bestowed the village of Kuruhara on Brahmanas.

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