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Lieutenant Colonel Dal Singh (Joon) is from village Nuna Mazrah in Jhajjar district in Haryana. He was son of Ram Sarup Joon.

Military Services

Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes that ...My son Lieutenant Colonel Dal Singh also contributed to the war efforts in his minor position. He was a Company Commander in 8 Kumaon in Chowkibal area in Jammu and Kashmir.His battalion bore the first burn of the infiltrators and were subjected to major raids on 7th August and 13August 1965. In the latter his CO was killed and 2IC seriously wounded. Major Dal Singh assumed command of the battalion, retrieved a precarious situation, established two important posts dominating Pakistan occupied Kashmir territory and commanded the battalion successfully through a difficult period.

Ram Sarup Joon[2] writes that in June 1951, I with my friend Risaldar Harnarain Singh had gone to Dehradun to see the passing out parade of my son Dal Singh. General K.S. Thimmaya who was the commandant, addressing a Nepalese Minister present there, said:

"I have served with Jats since 1927. What impressed me most was their ability to retain their sense of humour in the most adverse circumstances. Their numbers were increased in the Army as a result of their exceptional performance during the First World War."

Translation of the Book

Lieutenant Colonel Dal Singh has done translation of the Book History of the Jats by Ram Sarup Joon from Hindi into English.[3]

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