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Author: Laxman Burdak IFS (R)

Map of Jhang Maghiana

Maghiana (मघियाना) is a town in Jhang district in Punjab province of Pakistan.


Jat clans

Mention by Panini

Maghiprastha (मघीप्रस्थ) (Maghi+Prastha) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi under Karkyadi (कर्क्यादि) (6.7.87) group.[1]


During British Rule the towns of Jhang and Maghiana, lying two miles apart, became a joint municipality, then known as Jhang-Maghiana.

Jhang-Maghiana became a municipality in 1867. The income during the ten years ending 1902-3 averaged Rs.46,800 and the expenditure Rs. 44,200, in 1903-4 the income was Rs. 49,700 mainly derived from octroi.

The Government offices and establishments had been removed to the higher site, and commerce declined in Jhang, which was no longer considered a place of importance. Maghiana, however, had a considerable trade in grain and country cloth, and manufactured leather, soap, locks and other brass-work. Maghiana also contained a civil hospital, whilst Jhang had a high school and a dispensary.

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