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Maharajki (महाराजकी)[1] or Maharajaki (महाराजकी)[2] is a gotra of Jats [3] found in Punjab, India.


Panini refers to bhakti shown to Maharaja in Sutra IV.3.97. Those Jats who were loyal to Maharaja were called Maharajaka.

Mention by Panini

Maharaja (महाराज), a Janapada and Sangha, is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [4]

Maharaja (महाराज), Vessavana Kubera (वेस्सवण कुबेर), is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [5]


V. S. Agrawala[6] writes that besides the Ayudhajivi Sanghas stated as such in the Ashtadhyayi, there were some other communities in Panini’s time, which as we know from other sources were republics. These include : MahārājaPanini refers to bhakti shown to Maharaja in Sutra IV.3.97. So far as the word form is concerned it is the same for the name of Maharaja as a people and as a deity. The existence of a Maharaja janapada is proved by their coins found in Punjab. Traces of the ancient name are probably still preserved in in the collection of four large villages in the Moga tahsil of Ferozpur district which is the head quarters of a Paragana and still called Maharaja, held by the Maharajki clan of Jats. The Maharajkians who own the surrounding country as Jagirdars form a distinct community, physically robust and opposed to subordination (Punjab Gazeteer, I.453)

Bhim Singh Dahiya[7] writes: Yet another tribe of the Jats called Maharajaki are also mentioned by V.S. Agarwala. The Maharajki Jats of Moga area, whose coins have also been found in the same area are physically robust and opposed to subordination.[8]

Bhim Singh Dahiya[9] writes: It is these tribes whom Panini called Ayudhajivis and it was to their federation that the name of Jat Sangha was given. It is these people who established numerous cities in Uttarapatha, with their names ending with Kantha, well known to Panini. From the same source we know of the existence of other Jat clans in Punjab at that time. For example Maharajki, Kundu (Kaundoparatha), Dhanda (Dandaki), Dhama, Parsaval (Parsavah), Syal (Salva), Kathia or Kathwal (Kathoi of the Greeks), Mall or Malli (Malloi of the Greeks and Malavas of the Indians), etc., etc.



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