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Statue of Major Anoop Singh Gahlot

Major Anoop Singh Gahlot (19.9.1940-4.12.1971) Mahavir Chakra, from Nangloi Jat, Delhi, became martyr on 4.12.1971 during Indo-Pak War 1971, fighting at Chatgaon in Bangladesh. Unit: 3 Dogra Regiment.

Career in Army

Major Anup Singh Gehlaut, Mahavir Chakra, son of Lt. Col. Dalel Singh, was born on 19 September 1940, at Nangloi village, Delhi. He was commissioned in 3 Dogra Regiment on 11 December, 1962.

The battle of 1971

Dogra regiment was deployed in Laksham in the east, during the battle of 1971. The regiment's mission was to move into enemy-held territory on the night of 3rd December, and put up road-blocks all along the Chauddagram-Laksham road. By the first light of dawn the next day, the regiment accomplished this under Major Gahlaut's command. The next day, two companies of the Dogra regiment surged ahead and had two enemy platoons trapped. The Pakistanis, refusing to surrender, engaged the Indian troops in a bitter battle. Major Gahlaut led one platoon from the front, but was surprised by an unexpected enemy attack from the rear. He, however, rallied his troops, urging them to beat back the enemy. There was a fierce hand to hand fight. The major sustained grievous wounds but refused to give in. Though bleeding profusely, he fought on. The Pakistanis were finally beaten back. The exhausted Major collapsed on the battlefield, and died shortly thereafter.

During the night of December 4/5, 1971, 'A' and 'D' companies had reached Dhaltara and established road blocks on the Chauddagram-Laksham road. Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut tapped two Pakistani telephone lines and intercepted their conversation. The Pakistani 23rd Punjab was opposing 3 Dogra. The enemy had realised that they had been surrounded and there was no route of escape for them unless they overran one of the Dogra campanies. A few tried to escape in groups of five or six. But two companies took position about 500 meters in front of Maj Anup Singh's and Maj Ashok Bhan's companies and decided to break out.

The enemy first turned its attention to Maj Ashok Bhan's 'D' Company who held them back with effective fire. Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut rushed forward with a platoon to reinforce 'D' company. On his way he had to open fire on the enemy. Seeing Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut had only one platoon with him and that it was deployed in the open, the enemy brought their entire fire to bear upon Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut and his platoon.

Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut had commanded 'A' company in the 1965 conflict also. He was a brave soldier and displayed cool nerve in battle. He decided that his only hope of forcing a withdrawal on the enemy was to charge them with a handful of his men. Firing his sten gun from the hip, he shot four of his opponents. In the exchange of fire, he was seriously wounded. Yet he encouraged his men to put up a determined fight and finally broke the ring around him. Within minutes of this battle, young Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut succumbed to his injuries.

Mahavir Chakra

Mahavir chakra.gif.jpg

For displaying exemplary leadership Major Gahlaut was awarded Mahavir Chakra, posthumously.

जीवन परिचय

मेजर अनूप सिंह गहलोत - महावीर चक्र (मरणोपरांत), 4 दिसंबर 1971 , भारत पाक युद्ध , पुरवू मोर्च ,चटगाँव ,बांग्लादेश

जन्म -19 सितंबर 1940 , नांगलोई जट, दिल्ली

माताजी - श्रीमती खजानी देवजी , पिताजी - लेo कर्नल दलेल सिंह गहलोत

सेना में कमीशन (अधिकृत) -11 दिसम्बर 1962, 3 डोगरा रेजिमेंट

मेजर अनूप सिंह 1971 के भारत पाक युद्ध मे 3 डोगरा रेजिमेंट के साथ पूर्वी मोर्चे पर सम्पूर्ण चोदहग्राम - लक्ष्म मार्ग पर मार्ग रोक का लक्ष्य लिए तैनात थे । पाकिस्तान की 23 पंजाब रेजिमेंट की टेलीफोन लाइनों को अवरोधित करने के बाद ,उन्होंने दो भागों में बॉट कर ,शत्रु की दो कंपनी को घेर लिया । आत्मसमर्पण असहमति पर भीषण लड़ाई प्रारंभ हो गयी। शत्रु ने मेजर अशोक भान पर गोलीबारी शुरू करदी । अपने साथी की स्थिति को सदृढ़ करने के लिए मेजर अनूप सिंह अपनी टुकड़ी का नेतृत्व करते हुए दुश्मन पर टूट पड़े । उनको खुले में देखकर और कमजोर जान अर शत्रु उनपर आगे व पीछे से हमला उग्र हमला करने लगा । मेजर अनूप सिंह युद्ध कौशल संयम बहादुरी का परिचय देते हुए अपने सैनिकों का मनोबल बढ़ाते रहे तथा शत्रुओं को निर्णायक छति पहुचाई । शत्रु छोटे समूह में भागने लगा । नजदीकी मुड़भेड़ आरम्भ हुई , गहरे घावों ने उन्हें लहूलहान कर दिया परन्तु शत्रु की पराजय व लक्ष्य की प्रप्ति तक वह लड़ते हुए वीर गति को प्राप्त हो हुए । उनकी अद्बुत नेतृत्व छमता व अदम्य साहस के लिए उन्हें मरणोपरांत महावीर चक्र सके सम्मानित किए गए । ऐसे वीर को नमन ।

जाट बलवान

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