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Malodia (मालोदिया) Maloodya (मलूडया) Malundya (मलूंडया) gotra Jats are found in Tonk district in Rajasthan.


Ramayana - Bala Kanda Sarga 24 mentions that while crossing over the River Ganga, sage Vishvamitra sails Rama and Laxmana through its confluence with River Sarayu, which flows at their capital Ayodhya. The sage leads them to a deadly forest on the other bank of River Ganga and narrates about the provinces Malada and Karusha and the ambushing nature of demoness Tataka. This is given in shlokas 17-18 as under:

श्रूयताम् वत्स काकुत्स्थ यस्य एतत् दारुणम् वनम् ।
एतौ जनपदौ स्फीतौ पूर्वम् आस्ताम् नरोउत्तम ॥१-२४-१७॥
मलदाःकरूषाः च देव निर्माण निर्मितौ ।
पुरा वृत्र वधे राम मलेन समभिप्लुतम् ॥१-२४-१८॥

Meaning: The resplendent and the great saint Vishvamitra then said to Rama, "I will tell you, oh, my boy Rama, whose is this wretched forest. [1-24-16b, 17a]. Once these were vast provinces, oh, best one among men, designed by gods and known as Malada and Karusha. [1-24-17b, 18a]

Here the province of Malada was probably of Jat Clan Malodia.

Villages in Tonk district

Malodia (मालोदिया) Jats live in villages: Kali Haradya (7),

Maloodya (मलूडया) Jats live in villages: Khandevat (1),

Malundya (मलूंडया) Jats live in villages: Chaugai (1),

Notable persons

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