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Location of Purulia in West Bengal

Manbazar is a city in Manbazar community development block of Purulia Sadar West subdivision of Purulia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. [1]


Manbazar is located at 23°03′41″N 86°39′51″E.

Jat clan


Jaina Bhagavati-Sutra of 5th century AD mentions that Purulia was one of the sixteen mahajanapadas and was a part of the kingdom known as Vajra-bhumi in ancient times.

In 1833, Manbhum district was carved out of Jungle Mahals district, with headquarters at Manbazar. In 1838, the headquarters was transferred to Purulia.

In 1956, Manbhum district was partitioned between Bihar and West Bengal under the States Reorganization Act and the Bihar and West Bengal (Transfer of Territories) Act 1956. The district was very large in size and included parts of Bankura, Burdwan of present West Bengal and Dhanbad, Dhalbhum, Saraikela and Kharswan of present states of Jharkhand and Orissa. [2]

Gram panchayats

Baramasya-Ramnagar, Bamni-Majhihira, Bhalubasa, Bisri, Chandra-Pairachali, Dhanara, Gopalnagar, Jitjuri, Kamta-Jangidiri and Manbazar.

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