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Location of Fatehpur in Sikar district

Mandiwal Ki Dhani (मंडीवाल की ढाणी) or Dhani Mandiwal (ढाणी मंडीवाल) or Dhani Ridmal is a small village, near Dantru/Nechhwa village, in Fatehpur tehsil of Sikar district in Rajasthan.



It is located in south-west direction at a distance of about 3km from Nechhwa. The maximum Jats are Mandiwal. It is around 15 kms from the very famous Balaji temple of Salasar.

Jat Gotras

There are Khedar gotra Jats also in this village. The village population is around 500 in year 2007. All villagers are Mandiwal or Khedar Jats. The village has around 10-12 persons retired from military. one from air force, 3 from navy and rest from army and BSF. One boy of this generation is software Engineer and 2 are doing MBBS. There are couple of teachers in the village but still the majority depends on agriculture.



As per Census-2011 statistics, Dhani Ridmal village has the total population of 356 only (of which 165 are males while 191 are females).[2]

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