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Manmad (मनमाड़) is a town in Nasik district in the state of Maharashtra. It is the third largest town in Nasik district, with a population of approximately 125,000. Manmad is a major railway junction on central railways. It also has a Sikh Gurudwara. Manmad is also one of the largest markets for onion producing farmers after Lasalgaon.

Manmad Khap

Manmad Khap has 40 villages in Hardoi tahsil of Nasik district in Maharashtra. In 3rd battle of Panipat, 14 January 1761 , Marathas brought around 4000 families with them. When they lost some families were killed and rest took refuge in the Fort of Maharaja Surajmal. Maharaja Surajmal, in the fiery winter of took care of injured and others. For the safety of the families while returning Maharaja Surajmal sent his soldiers with them. Who took them to their homes with respect and safety, which was far off from illusion at that time. Maratha Samaj was so impressed by Maharaja Surajmal and his soldiers for the care and respect they gave to them that they married their daughters to the soldiers who accompanied them. They (Soldiers) settled down there after marriage. This population formed the Manmad Khap, with headquarter at Manmad. [1]

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