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Late Ch. Manphool Singh

Ch. Manphool Singh (Chahar) (born: 1921, Death: 3 November 2017) was former MLA of Haryana Vidhan Sabha and also former Deputy Speaker. He also held the charge of officiating Speaker for some months in 1967, soon after Haryana got the separate statehood on 1st November 1966.

Ch. Manphool Singh always kept himself away from the bad practice of changing political parties off and on. He was also elected MLA for Haryana Vidhan Sabha in 1972 from jhajjar constituency. His son, Rajendra Chahar, is married to the daughter of late Ch. Bansi Lal, ex-Chief Minister of Haryana.

An Advocate by profession, Ch. Manphool was born in Silani village near Jhajjar town of Haryana. He was the senior advocate of Bar Association of Rohtak and Jhajjar.

He breathed his last on 3 November 2017 at his residence in Jhajjar.


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