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Baldev Ram Mirdha

Mirdha (मिर्धा)[1][2] Mirda (मिरदा)[3] is title of Jats found in Jodhpur region of Rajasthan. Dilip Singh Ahlawat has mentioned it as one of the ruling Jat clans in Central Asia. [4] Mardan/Marda/Mardi clan is found in Afghanistan.[5] The Gotra of Mirdhas is Rad.



Maradha (मरधा) is a Mahabharata Tribe mentioned in 'geography' (VI.10.65).[7] The Mahabharata Tribe - Maradha (मरधा) may be identified with Jat Gotra - Mirdha (मिर्धा) found in Jodhpur region of Rajasthan.

Marudha (मरुध) were Defeated by Sahdeva in the south (II.28.7), they may be the Madhka in Yudhisthira's army. Both 'Maru' and 'Mada' are found in inscriptions; could refer to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer states (modern Marwar). Marudhanva is a term for desert and Marudha may, derive from it.

Bhim Singh Dahiya[8] writes that Mardha or Mirdha are the same as the Mardi of Herodotus and Amardi of Strabo. The word Mardi means “ Heroes”. Alexander defeated them in 330 B.C. between persepolis and the Persian Gulf. [9] [10] The Mileds are the same as Mardic of Herodotus, the Marda Jats.

They are also to be compared with Mridi (a man) after whom the city of Mardeyapura is named. [11] Mahabharata mentions Amartha, as a Janapada (country)' [12]

According to H. W. Bellew[13], Mardi have been recognised in the Dahi Marda Hazarah in Afghanistan, who are a free people, extends as far as the Baktri.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Bagruwalon ka Rasta, C Scheme, Lalkothi, Mansarowar Colony, Shastri Nagar, Tonk Road, Vidyut Nagar,

Villages in Jodhpur district

Boyal, Jodhpur, Subdand,

Villages in Nagaur district

Agrot, Kalyanpura, Kuchera, Sindhlas,

Villages in Hanumangarh district


Notable persons

  • Ram Chandra Mirdha (born:18.9.1989 - ) (मास्टर रामचंद्र मिर्धा), from Kuchera (कुचेरा), Nagaur, was a Social worker in Nagaur, Rajasthan. [14]
  • Ram Kishor Mirdha (राम किशोर मिर्धा), from Kuchera (कुचेरा), Nagaur, was a social worker in Marwar, Rajasthan.[15] He is son of Ram Chandra Mirdha. He was a journalist and editor of Lok-Sudhar.
  • राम नाथ मिर्धा, कुचेरा- मारवाड़ जाट कृषक सुधार सभा की प्रबंधकारिणी और कार्यकारिणी में रहकर आप ने जाट जाति की सेवा करके अपने को कृतार्थ किया है। [16]
  • Randheer Mirdha: RJS batch 2002, Add. Chief metropolitan magistrate-5 at Jaipur, from Nagaur, M: 9414284976


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