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Master Raghbir Singh (born on June 21, 1937) is retired school teacher, social worker, Arya Samaji and philanthropist. He was born in Kheri Asra Villlage in Jhajjar district, Haryana.

Educational Work and Social Service

With a strong desire to bring out the hidden talent in children from rural background, he started mentoring & coaching the village students for admissions to well known schools like Sainik Schools, MNSS Rai and Navodya School, which provide high quality education irrespective of the student's family income or class background.
From 1975 to 2000, nearly a hundred students from various villages in Jhajjar and Rohtak District got admission in these prestigious schools under his personal care and guidance. Some of his prominent students are:

  1. Lt. Ravinder Chhikara
  2. Col Dev Vart Chhikara
  3. Lt. Col N. S. Chhikara
  4. Jitender Singh - Regional Head of a Multinational Telecommunications company
  5. Dr. Virender Khatri & Dr. Mahesh Khatri
  6. Yatinder Chhikara
  7. S.D.O. Vinay Ruhil and many more

As a strong preacher of ‘Education as Necessity of Life’ for Upliftment of the rural society, he continues to honor the village boys and girls by presenting the meritorious students with prizes as a token of appreciation and encouragement.

Arya Samaji

He is an Arya Samaji since birth, and tries to live a normal life, the way he grew up. He has contributed in various initiatives and organizations for improvement of the community and the society. Recently he got a big size tomb and room constructed in native place cremation ground for performing the last rites. He is already committed to help 21 girls of weaker economic background during their marriage.

Contact details

If you want to know more about him, please feel free to write at

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